Interior Painting

Todays Painting Services appreciates the importance of a quality painting job inside your home - you are going to have to live with it, after all.

Assistance with colour choices, a wide range of interior finishes, thorough job planning, careful surface preparation, quality coatings and an attention to detail are the hallmarks of our work.



Exterior Painting

Modern, contemporary, traditional or heritage - Todays Painting Services believe that the right colour choice/scheme, the right finish and peerless finishing quality can add literally thousands to the value of your property.

Even if you're not selling, a paint job is more than just a decorative, fresh new look to your place. Our quality exterior finishes are a protective coating that will protect and enhance the structure of your house for years.



Commercial Painting

Todays Painting Services can handle just about every large scale commercial painting job.

Whether it's interior or exterior, elevated, multi story, specialist coating requirements, modern or heritage - we have the expertise, and skills to make your premises shine, on time and within budget.




It's not just about colour. Modern and traditional inlfluences are now producing paint finishes that have gone far beyond just colouring a wall. Suede, sandstone, metal, rough, polished or reflective - there are modern finishes to complement and complete just about any design scheme.

Todays Painting Services have worked with these finishes since their introduction to the Australian market and understand how to integrate them into the overall scheme of your home.



Resprayed Roof